Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Pain and numbness...electrician worried he'd have to quit his job!

When I started to feel a sharp pain between my neck and left shoulder blade, I thought it would just go away.  But, it didn't, and soon I noticed it wasn't just showing up when I lifted my arm.  It was then there when I was sitting, or driving, or sleeping.  I could not relax without feeling discomfort with something.  At times, my arm would also feel numb.

I work as a construction electrician. I do a lot of physical straining of my back with what I do.  Having a good, strong spine is very critical to me.  Having this kind of pain and dysfunction was not going to work out well with my job, not to mention going back packing, or doing other outdoor activities I enjoy.

After 4 visits with Dr. Sheena I noticed the numbness was gone, and after the 6th weekly visit the pain in my neck and shoulder was gone.  Her method of treatment is so right on for how to mend one's spine.  Her health recommendations were so helpful, too.  I was worried I might not be able to ride my motorcycle anymore, but I can go on long trips with no discomfort at all, and I am doing better than I have been in a long time.

--Mr. T.I.
age 51, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Friday, May 4, 2018

When is a good time to give up on headaches and fibromyalgia?

"My name is Ms. A.I. and I live in Blackfoot, Idaho.  I am 58 years old and I've been dealing with severe neck issues and headaches for the last ten years.  I've consulted with and received treatment from three prior chiropractors; two of them were manually adjusting my neck in, I guess, more 'traditional' ways.  One diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.  After then seeing two neurologists, my prognosis was surgery and living the rest of my life on pain killers and other drugs."

"Before seeing Dr. Sheena I was living with chronic neck pain and nerve damage into my neck and shoulder.  I felt sick, anxious, depressed, sleep-deprived and overall, just plain awful.  I had lost any hope of ever feeling well again.  After seeing Dr. Sheena for only six visits I have become more active, relaxed, and over all, I feel much better.  The constant pain and pressure I was feeling is now a rarity.  I am currently still in her care and progressing.  I recommend Dr. Sheena to anyone who is suffering with neck and spine issues. Dr. Sheena has surprised and amazed me, and has helped me on so many levels.  She has helped me more than any other doctor I've seen so far (and I have seen many).  Dr. Sheena is an intuitive practitioner, and uses her gift and talent to help you heal.  No x-rays, CAT scans, or other expensive tests were needed in my case with Dr. Sheena.  She's truly amazing, and is the answer to my prayers."

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Is your carpal tunnel syndrome a Medical problem, or simply a potential Chiropractic success story?

The following is a copied-and-pasted email from a current patient.  Perhaps hers is a story to get you thinking....

January 30, 2018

Last summer, I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome severe enough that doctors said surgery was eminent. I did research and learned that carpal tunnel syndrome was nerve impingement caused by collapse of the carpal bones. I was puzzled that surgery only removed tissue to reopen the tunnel, and did nothing about the cause, which are the misaligned bones.

I needed a chiropractor who could adjust my carpal bones and eliminate my need for surgery. I saw a flyer for Dr. Sheena and called. Immediately, I was attracted to her personable nature and confidence, and made an appointment. I filled out her intake form before our visit and, though I was only focused on my hands, the completed form showed a picture of my health that I was unaware of. I was a mess from head to toe, literally, with areas of pain that I had grown accustomed to ignore. 

Dr. Sheena explained how the central nervous system works and that spinal misalignment notably causes pain and discomfort, but also can be the culprit of other physiological effects that one would not tie to misalignment. She explained that she prefers to use the gentle approach to chiropractic care and how it works. I had not had her particular technique performed on me before, but was willing to try it; after all, not having pre manipulation anxiety or hearing my bones crack sounded quite refreshing. We started working together to get me pain relief, and living a healthier lifestyle with improved diet and exercise. Many shun chiropractic care for various reasons, but Dr. Sheena is indeed a DOCTOR! She asks me about my health, life, stresses, and habits, and takes notes. She is a proponent of listening to your body, and makes diet and exercise suggestions based on a realistic lifestyle.
I saw Dr. Sheena for 6 visits before she performed a reevaluation. I felt normal and could not understand the big deal she was making until she showed me the intake form I had completed several visits before. My eyes almost popped out of my head! I could not believe the state I was in when I came to her! I felt so normal and could hardly remember the painful mess scribed on the paper. Dr. Sheena said that she was sure that we can achieve even greater results, and I went 4 more visits. I feel good from head to toe. I have some soft tissue damage from the collapse of my carpal bones, but my hands and wrists have improved so much that surgery is no longer eminent. I was able to decorate and cook for the holidays PAIN FREE! That meant a lot to me, and I am so thankful for Dr. Sheena and her work, care, and advice.

Unfortunately, I am not out of the woods. Due to my years of inattentiveness, my body structure has worn bones and poor muscle memory that is going to take time to correct. Dr. Sheena and I are now on a maintenance plan so that I can continue to build on the benefits of her early work. 

I encourage all who are considering chiropractic care to make an appointment with Dr. Sheena. She is a caring chiropractic doctor who delivers results, both gently and affordably.

--Ms. D.A.
Idaho Falls, ID

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Drinking a 6 pack of beer a day just to get through the pain and stress? DON'T GIVE UP! Chiropractic could save your life.

"My name is J.C., I live in Grass Valley, am 25 years old and a father of two.  I work for myself, outdoors, exposed to the elements and doing a lot of landscaping tasks.  This is very rewarding, but also a choice I make.  I enjoy the hard work and the ability to do it for myself.  I've always operated with the perspective that if I cannot do it for myself then it doesn't need to be done.  I enjoy the challenge, problem solving, helping others, and doing the very best I can with my action.  Yet, this commitment only has so much to offer.  It catches up to you, and when it does, it can hurt; so, I chose to accept some help.  Many hands can make light work, I had to remember."

"I felt like 'E.T. phone home' before seeking Dr. Sheena's care.  Most of my body was numb and hard and in tremendous pain--literally years' worth of built up injuries from pushing my body to its limits.  I actually had a leak in my spine and was draining spoonfuls of spinal fluid out of my eyes everyday, had brutal migraines everyday for months, layers upon layers of built up stress & tension locked into my neck & shoulders--basically my body was shutting down and giving up.  Having not much left of itself to compensate with, I could hardly hold my new baby girl or be the provider for my family they rely on me to be.  I was basically unrecognizable to myself and was faced with the painful recognition that I either find a way to get healthy, or lose everything.  Thankfully, Dr. Sheena was there to help."

"I dove into an intensive adjustment plan according to Dr. Sheena's recommendations, with two adjustments per week, with body work in between adjustments.  Thanks to Dr. Sheena's comprehensive ability, her very compassionate, understanding, and gentle approach, after the first adjustment, I could see better and the pressure inside my head diminished markedly.  After the third adjustment, my bowel & bladder function returned to normal, no more fluid was leaking out of my face, and I was sleeping again.  After the seventh adjustment, she was able to break through the neck and shoulder tension and seemed to correct the spinal fluid flow so that it wasn't backing up anymore because my migraines were completely alleviated.  Dr. Sheena's results elevated me from a place of debilitation to one of strength and wellness.  I am able to get a hard days work in as well as show up a worthy family man each day.  I recognize myself again and am proud to have found a place of openness and allow the help."

"I was suprised by Dr. Sheena's sensitivity, passion and precision that she carries though her work.  She is in-depth, reliable and trustworthy and really does have the abilities to make life changing results happen in ways that are noticeable and helpful."

"Dr. Sheena--thank you so much for all that you do. Your craftwomanship is inspiring :) "

Sunday, June 19, 2016

"The best feeling of relief I ever felt"

My husband and I have been living in the area for over 25 years.  We both have had chiropractic care in the past--the kind of manipulation that had me bracing for the next movement knowing it was coming and might hurt.  We live on 5 acres of forest and there is lots of physical work to be done.  Oddly enough it was a sneeze several years ago that sent me looking for chiropractic relief early in 2016.  All this time I hoped the persistent headaches and tightness in my neck would be better.  Instead, the pain got worse and I had a hard time sleeping.  I was not looking forward to a body manipulation type of treatment, but I needed help.  I used massage therapy and it helped somewhat, but it never resolved the problem.

I had positive results right away with Dr. Sheena Boyd's technique.  On my way home from my first treatment I experienced a release or "opening up" sensation starting in my neck and moving up and around the back of my head, like something opened or released.  The sensation did not scare me, it was the best feeling of relief I've ever felt.  My headaches are gone, no more tightness in my neck and I am sleeping good again!  In addition her expertise has also improved my posture.

Dr. Sheena's treatment was a relaxing and effective experience.  I never tense up expecting my body to be twisted or contorted to be adjusted.  I look forward to my appointments and how I feel afterward.

--Ms. R.B, age 64
Colfax, CA

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Will I be able to work? Will I be forced in to surgery?

….These were questions that haunted a 55-year old man before he finally called me, thanks to a friend's recommendation.

"I have lived in Colfax, CA since I was about 5 years old.  I started working at age 16, and I have been working non-stop ever since.  I am proud of that.  I am currently employed with Coca-Cola and have been for going on 28 years.  I have been truck-driving for 30 years and never had an accident!"

"On a day in March 2016 that changed, though.  On Interstate 80 near Vallejo, CA, a car ran into me while I was driving my semi-truck.  The impact was a hard hit.  I was injured, but I continued working.  As days went by, I was in pain and going into depression.  I was having bad neck pains and headaches.  I felt anxiety and cloudy-headed.  I worried because I know what happens with spine surgeries, and I didn't want to have to stop working.  I only have 7 more years, and then I can retire!"

"My friends and family were so worried about me.  A lady friend said, 'you need to go see my chiropractor, Dr. Sheena.'  This friend had good help from her, so I said I think I have to try it."

"I am happy to say that after some time and care and adjustments from Dr. Sheena, I am happier and hardly have pain.  I have more energy and endurance than I have had since I can remember.  I am outside doing yard work and playing baseball with my dog all day now, and I wasn't like that even before the accident.  I have so much relief, and I am not worried anymore.  Now I know that if something goes bad, Dr. Sheena can fix me!  I am excited, too, that I don't need to have a doctor crack my bones.  Dr. Sheena doesn't have to do that to make her adjustments.  I tell everyone about her.  My family now comes too, because they have seen what she has done for me!"


--Mr.  L.R.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Dr. Sheena's Chiropractic story: Medicine failed where a Chiropractor won!

I shouldn't say a "chiropractor won", really.  What I should say is that my body's natural ability to be healthy won.  He would even agree with that amendment.  He's a good guy, on top of a skilled chiropractor--but he really was just a "means to an end," just as I am.

People often ask "Dr. Sheena, why do you do what you do?"  Sometimes I just tell people why I do what I do because it's exciting to me.  It is an honest testament to what is possible with natural health care.  I like to let people know so they have hope, but I also love to remind myself that I still have a lot of people to reach.

So, here is a simplified version of my story.

I was about 23 years old.  I was in my final semester of undergraduate study at the University of Pittsburgh.  I was paying for my college life with a few grants, a couple non-conventional part time jobs, and a huge amount of student loans.  I did my best to stay away, and detached, from my family, at that point.  I had been very hard on my body as a teenager and young adult, emotionally, physically, and chemically.  Other people had been hard on my body, emotionally, physically, and chemically, my entire life.  Sometimes I knew I was damaging myself, sometimes I didn't.  Sometimes other's knew they were hurting me, sometimes they didn't.  Sometimes I knew others were injuring me, sometimes I didn't.  Regardless of the big and small damages done to my wellbeing over time, I hit a breaking point in my early 20's that changed my life, and its course, entirely.

It started with some back and neck pain.  When it got to a point where the discomfort was too uncomfortable, I did what I had always done, and what had been the only thing my family had ever done--I went to my Medical doctor.  I told her that I was having neck and back pain.  She prescribed me some pain relievers and muscle relaxers.  I had the prescription filled and used the drugs that my family medical physician offered as a solution for said health complaint, just as I had every other time I had a health complaint for which she exclusively suggested medications.  I felt better after a few days, and went about life as usual.

A couple weeks later, the back and neck pain returned.  This time, though, it felt more severe.  The ache was deeper and I had a really hard time moving or doing anything I needed to do.  I headed back to my MD, and told her what I was experiencing.  She said she could offer more of the same prescriptions.  When I asked what was wrong with me, she said I probably had pulled muscles, and the only thing she could do is give me pain relievers and muscle relaxers.  When I asked if the pulled muscles would get better, she said probably.  So, off I went, refilled the pills, and took the pills, and I got better….mostly anyway.  I still didn't feel like my "pulled muscles" healed this time.  I still had sharp "catches" when I moved certain ways, but I could function better.  So, I went back to doing as I had been doing, just feeling not-so-symptom free.

Then, one day, I woke up and tried to move in my bed.  It was a class day.  I had a bus to catch, to catch another bus, so I could walk all over campus to sit in class and write research papers all day.  But, the thing is, I couldn't move.  Rather, when I just tried to move any part of my body or head to get out of bed, sharp shooting pain went down my neck and spine, down my arms, and down my legs.  The pain was so severe that I would have to not move to not feel it.  I was terrified.

I called out for my boyfriend at the time, who was in the bathroom, that I couldn't move, and that I had excruciating pain.  I don't think he really believed me at first, but the tears and the screaming soon let him know it was no joke.  I said, "I have to get to class.  This can't happen."  I suggested he help me up and out of bed, and maybe I could feel better and move around like that.  When he tried, and I tried again, all I could do was scream, and I just had to lie there in bed some more.

Neither of us could figure out what to do.  I said I'd have to get to the the doctor's office if I were to get more pills.  I said I can't make it, and even if I did, what could she do for me?  We talked about calling an ambulance, and going to the hospital.  Then, out of the far corner of my mind, "chiropractor" came up.  I have no idea how, or why, really, because no one in my family ever went to one or talked about it as a reasonable option for anything.  The only time anyone talked about it was my mother, who at one time in passing, talked about one of her aunts who "went to the chiropractor for everything."  She told me that if someone had the hiccups, or a cold, her aunt would say "go to the chiropractor!"  That certainly wasn't why, as I lay in bed unable to move without devastating pain, I considered a chiropractor.  I had never even met this distant great-aunt who had passed away years before I was born.  I can only guess that I heard somewhere at sometime in my life that people go to chiropractors when they have back pain.  I really don't know, but I asked out loud, "could a chiropractor maybe help me?"  Maybe, he said.  So I lay there, and decided that I would wait, rest, and keep trying to sit up, so I could use a phone book and a phone, eventually.

Eventually, I could do just that.  Really…just that.  I leafed through the Yellow Pages and called the first Chiropractor I found that seemed close-ish.  He was in the next town over, maybe a 10 minute drive away.  I was panicked and crying a little when I made the call.  The receptionist answered and I barfed my situation in her ear and she calmly reassured me that she was sure the chiropractor at her office could help.  We didn't bother to set appointments; we just agreed that I would try to get there that day, as soon as I could.

The phone call itself didn't change anything besides give me hope.  Since I couldn't get up and walk, my boyfriend was relegated to picking me up, carrying me down the stairs of our apartment building, and into the car.  He drove me to the office, carried me out of the car, into the elevator, and down the hall into the chiropractor's office.  Even that was painful, but I couldn't have made it without him, and I am glad he was strong enough, and willing, to do that.  I'm still grateful for that gesture, even though we have long since parted ways.

I think there was paper work when we got there, and there were x-rays…but most of that is a blur.  I remember the chiropractor saying "just give me a little time, and we'll see what we can do."  So I sat in the waiting room, in pain, but with unfounded faith that this guy just may help me.  He didn't take long, really.  He came out and showed me my x-rays.  I didn't know much back then about spines, but he showed me a part of my spine that was leaning way far off from the rest of it, and said that was my main problem, and that he could help.  HE COULD HELP.

Amazingly, he said he could do something that same day to help my problem.  That, I know now, is not always the case with patients.  I was so thrilled to have someone say "THIS is what's wrong" and "THIS is what we are going to do to fix it," I couldn't wait to have my misalignments adjusted.  And that he did.  As I tell all my patients:  I was carried into his office, and I walked out.  As if that were not amazing enough, when I followed his recommendations and followed his protocol (regular adjustment visits with particular exercises at home), I could feel my spine healing.  As if that were not incredible enough, over the weeks and months that I continued my care, I noticed that my asthma and allergies got better.  My sinuses cleared up, and I was sleeping better.  I had more energy, my menstrual periods normalized, I had an elevated mood, and I was losing weight.  All I did was show up for 10 minutes at the chiropractor's for a quick evaluation and adjustments, and go home and do simple work-outs, and all this could happen?

I, on an innocent whim, asked Dr. Brent one day "Hey, you know, I feel like my asthma isn't as bad as it used to be, and I just can think more clearly than before, is it possible that the chiropractic can be connected to that?"  "Of course!"  he said, "when your spine is lined up and moving right, everything works better."

And that, my friends, is it.  I had to do this.  I had to give this to others, because heaven knows Medicine did nothing for ANY of those issues that I had, besides the drugs, that gave no lasting results. In most cases, the results I did get from drugs were with their own haze, or side effects.  I had spent my childhood as "the sick kid," always with strep throat, at home taking antibiotics, who can't run or play outside because of her asthma.  Then I was the teen with depression and abnormally heavy and odd-timed periods, who needed more meds.  I had shots, pills, syrups, and inhalers…but finally, a solution came my way after decades, where the side effect was simply a spine aligned allowing for better brain-body communication.  Back to school I went.  I got my prerequisites, enrolled in grad school on the other side of the country, and there was no turning back.  I couldn't "unfeel" this amazing change in my life.  By the time I was in chiropractic school, mind you, I was lean, fit, running and biking all over the Bay Area.  The only pharmaceutical I ever used was an albuterol inhaler rarely (in fact, it lasted me 5 years, that's how little I used it).

So, here I am, giving it back to a world who is over medicated and underserved.  I don't think that my spinal misalignments were the root cause to all my ailments as a baby, child, or young adult (I have less than optimal genetics, a dysfunctional childhood upbringing, Medically-implemented pharmaceutical injuries, and a prior history of eating poorly, to largely thank, too), but I do know that when I am diligent with my chiropractic care, I feel vibrant, able to meet life's challenges, and excited to do more, and be more.  It's become so much more than pain regulation.  It's about being at my best.  For my patients, too, I always try to help them be at their best.  Some of them just want to "not hurt".  Some want to be fine-tuned machines.  Either way, I do what I do because Chiropractic saves lives.  It certainly saved mine.  I don't think I'd be here today writing anything like this if I would not have been "blessed" with the debilitating pain I had over 10 years ago, and had some sense to drag myself into the unknown to try something different.

Insanity, they say, is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.  I hope people will one by one keep saying "No!" to the insanity, realize that life can be SO MUCH MORE, and then give a chiropractor a call.  It doesn't have to be me, but wise up and do something crazy this time!

Yours in Health and Harmony,
Dr. Sheena Boyd, BA, DC

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